J Rodney Dennis Bio

Formerly mentored by the late Henry Keener and currently instructed by nationally renowned painter Danni Dawson, Rod has emerged as a contemporary artist who focuses on african american portraiture. Employing impressionistic disciplines melded with visual communicative principles, Rod seeks to elevate image communication through varied perspectives and experiences, thus redefining traditional portraiture with a fresh perspective. 

“My attempt is to reveal the individual in their natural environment”

Recent painting featured on ABC television show, "The Chew"

The Art League Blog: An Artist's Story Behind a Big-Time Commission 

Read the article of J Rodney Dennis's recent interview outlining his preparation and experience for the commissioned painting featuring TV host Carla Hall and her mother.



Stunning! You’ve really captured the souls of the women Rod. I like the vulnerability of Big Eyes and Gaze. Innocence has a quiet contemplative quality to it, and RED is too mischievous for her own good with deep eyes that lure me into her playful world. Great work!”
— -Leon Lawrence III: Author of Career Diary of a Publication Design Director
Astonishing! Soft and sensitive. You’ve created mystiques in color and value. Your subjects have so much power! Women.
— -Leslie B. Rhodes: Senior Designer, C-SPAN